Coffee Review: First Things First Coffee

First Things First Coffee have mastered speed and complemented it with a high-quality product.

I am internally debating whether to stop for coffee while stuck in traffic. I don’t want to find a park and get out my car, as it took all my weary morning effort just to get into the car. I don’t want to join a conga line to wait for a sub-par coffee due to the convenience, either. Luckily for me, and other curious drivers-by, I stumble across First Things First Coffee, a speciality coffee drive-through on Main North Road. There is a line-up but I notice it is moving quite quickly. Within two minutes I am back on the road with a great coffee and ready to take on the day ahead. A coffee should only take about a minute to make (providing you are visiting an experienced barista and there is not an order for 24 large lattes in front of you). Thirty seconds to portion out the cold milk and grind the beans; 30 seconds to heat the milk while the espresso shot is pouring. First Things First Coffee have mastered this speed and complemented it with a high-quality product. This experience makes me want to go back and visit the owners to find out more. First-Things-First-coffee-adelaide-review-derek-crozier-freshly-ground-drive-thru In 2013, Aaron Box, James Carrigg and Hana Goltz threw away their careers to become the hard workers you see at First  ings First today. By hard workers, I don’t just mean they are behind the espresso machine; they put the whole place together as well. The idea of First Things First is to bring a taste of the Melbourne cafe scene to Adelaide. They use Melbourne-based Code Black Co ffee Roasters for beans and run the shots through a four-group La Marzocco Linea espresso machine. Box and Carrigg are bright, happy and full of beans when serving each car that drives past. It becomes obvious that they have genuine relationships with their customers when I notice a local come by to drop off some fresh produce to them as a thank you. I’m sure they will be able to open more locations in the near future but, first things  first, they will concentrate on this one for now. First Things First Co ffee 371-373 Main North Road, En field

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