My Kingdom for a Horse

My mum finds some coffee boutiques slightly pretentious and intimidating to visit for her weekend coffee.

She would love to ask why a certain bean they o ffer has a certain recommended brewing method but occasionally feels as though she is meant to already know this by her choice of location. My Kingdom for a Horse is about as down to earth as you can get. They simply support local produce while educating everyone about the joys of specialty co ffee. Owners Emily Raven and Rachael Mead have copious amount of hospitality experience that shines through in all aspects of the business. Raven has a background in science, owned an award-winning restaurant and is a quali fied chef. The inspiration to go back to running her own venue occurred while teaching hospitality when she noticed her students’ enthusiasm. Mentored by Australian co ffee guru Peter Wol ff, Raven wants to help put Adelaide on the co ffee map by blending the educational aspect into the boutique so anyone, any age, can feel comfortable to ask questions and learn. The coffee menu is easy to digest and is designed to provoke curiosity. For example, they offer a brewing technique called a pour-over (professionally-made filtered coffee) with the option of the same Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean, grown in two separate regions, with two different processing methods, so you can compare the unique flavours and aromas from each. That experience alone is a great introduction to specialty coffee. Raven pours me a glass of chilled black Sumatran coffee brewed with the cold drip (co ffee brewed for 16 to 20 hours). It has a rounded well-balanced floral taste, complemented perfectly with a few slices of orange. Truly memorable. Raven roasts the co ffee in-house on a 5kg Probat boutique roaster and supplies fresh beans to the public weekly. She takes me through the roasting area and explains that di fferent brewing methods require di fferent roasting methods so she needs to be able to experiment to achieve the best from each bean. The space is light, bright and open with splashes of sleek 70s inspired art. e baristas that stand behind the La Marzocco espresso machine are ready to make your co ffee and bring it out to you so you can concentrate on relaxing. Everything is well priced, so you won’t have to swap your ‘kingdom’ for a decent cup of co ffee and a fresh meal. Raven and Mead want to create a space that they would enjoy, as well as the people who work there. You understand how important this is when you see how happy the sta ff are and how the customers react. Even though they might be the new kids on the block, they have the experience and knowledge of true veterans. My Kingdom for a Horse 191 Wright St

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