Paddy’s Lantern: Clean and Crisp

The first thing you notice when you walk into this stylish boutique is that it’s bright, clean and crisp.

It’s a perfect ‘grab a bite to eat and a cuppa’ place that’s located south/west of the city centre, so parking’s a breeze. Paddy’s Lantern uses Five Senses Coffee and has different blends rotate through the place seasonally. The use of a Synesso espresso machine is always good to see and also means they know what they’re doing. When I ordered my espresso (short black), the barista asked if I was going to order more than one coffee and if so, would I like to take a seat and pay at the end? That tells me that the staff is not just thinking ahead but wants to build a good rapport with the customer. The barista brought out my coffee and informed me that the blend they had on offer that day featured beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. The aroma of the espresso had a chocolaty mocha smell and the crema was a golden brown colour. My first sip was quite acidic and nutty but those mocha notes came through as I knocked it back. My first taste of the latte was divine. The stretched and textured (Tweedvale) milk complemented the nutty taste of the coffee and it went down with a sweet taste until the end due to the perfect temperature. With a logo (featuring a child holding a stick with a crescent moon hanging from it) that reminds me of a childhood storybook, Paddy’s Lantern is a place that offers great coffee and a simple menu that boasts fresh produce that definitely did light my way. Paddy’s Lantern 219 Gilbert St, Adelaide

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