Pleased to be Pleased

With their location Please Say Please is a coffee boutique that has bridged the gap between the average coffee consumer and high quality coffee.

With different brewing methods on offer, and the use of Proud Mary coffee, no city folk need walk too far to taste good product. The espresso the barista suggested was a single origin bean called Honduras. It was obvious the barista was well informed when he explained to me who the farmer was (Nelson Ramirez) and that the coffee was milled and dried at the farm. It came out with a beautiful golden crema on top and smelt like peaches. It was an extremely well balanced espresso with levels of acidity and bitterness that almost cancelled each other out. The latte was made from their house blend called Angel Wings, which was made of beans from Guatemala and El Salvador. The first taste was butterscotch but as I continued, the toffee notes came through as well. They use locally produced Tweedvale milk, which was just right for the coffee I tasted. Please Say Please is here for everyone. They seem to have a diverse range of clientele being in the city centre. I saw business people, backpackers and a couple of hipsters from a nearby art studio come through and enjoy a coffee. The venue is small but you get a big serve of passion when interacting with the baristas. Please Say Please City Centre Shop 2, 50 Grenfell St

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