Mister Sunshine’s

Nelson Boswell, an author of self-help books in the 1970s, once said, “Here is a simple but powerful rule in customer service: always give people more than what they expect to get”.  This is exactly what happened to me during a visit to Mister Sunshine’s.

When scouting locations for my next review, I stumble across Mister Sunshine’s in my travels. The owner is out the front and notices me walking up to the entrance. I feel like I am visiting an old friend as he greets me, calls me handsome and invites me inside. When most busy cafes have a full house (such as Mister Sunshine’s on this day) they are happy for you to grab something and move right along but when I order a takeaway coffee, he seems saddened that I am not staying and offers to make me a place to sit “by the window to enjoy the sunny view” That experience makes me realise that I have discovered my next review. Much like how this cafe found its owners, Eddie and Prue Comey. Eddie and family travelled around Australia and along the way they visited and took inspiration from many hospitality venues with the idea of one day opening their own place. They returned to Adelaide and before they could even think about travelling again, the opportunity for the business came along and they took it. The first day they opened it was pouring with rain but that didn’t stop the locals coming in, and they have kept returning ever since. The Comeys chose a balanced menu that’s fresh, wholesome and appeals to the masses, so there is something for everyone. From packaging to water usage, they focus on making a cafe that is waste conscious. They even use a local co ffee roaster called DeGroot, whose preferred method of wholesale delivery is reusable buckets instead of bags. Eddie tells me that DeGroot is on the same page when it comes to wastage and the environment and they knew his methods would go well with the place. I sit with Eddie and talk while enjoying my latte. It is a single origin bean from Costa Rica and made with Tweedvale milk. The crema tastes smokey and the milk is silky smooth. They rotate the beans on o er regularly, so there’s always something different running through the machine to keep it exciting. I even notice teas brewed to perfection with timers before they go out, which shows attention to detail in all areas. Eddie and Prue were obviously born with exceptional customer service and that can be a very soothing thing on a Monday morning with your before-work co ffee. If you can’t make it in on a weekday, you can still enjoy them on the weekend no matter if there is rain, hail or sunshine. Mister Sunshine’s 32 George Street, ebarton facebook.com/MisterSunshines

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