Taste Baguette

Taste Baguette has a new location in the very centre of Rundle Place, a prime spot for you to grab a decent coffee when you’re on the run or a short break.

They use Campos Coffee and the La Marzocco coffee machine definitely lets passers-by know that their coffee is a serious part of the business. As soon as I arrive at the counter, I notice the smiling barista is dressed smartly with classic barista overalls and is ready to serve. He offers me an espresso of their single origin called Ethiopia Selassie, named after a 1930 Ethiopian emperor called Haile Selassie. It has a very soft acidity with the taste of crisp apples, mandarin and a surprisingly pleasant meat-like finish to make it a unique experience. The latte comes from a blend called Superior, made up of beans from Papua New Guinea, El Salvador and Rwanda. It is served with a symmetrical heart as the latte art and the first sip has a sweet butterscotch taste with a toffee-lingering mouthfeel, and fruity highlights towards the end. Taste Baguette understands the marriage between a great lunch with boutique-level coffee that makes them stand out from the rest. Taste Baguette Ground floor of Rundle Place, 77 Rundle Mall tastebaguette.com.au

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