The Secret Blend

Taylor Blend may seem small when you walk in, but the passion and enthusiasm of the staff is huge. I even noticed it radiating though to the smiling customers walking in at the same time as me.

The décor consisted of woodgrain and browns with eye-catching artwork that really stands out when you enter. Brewing methods on offer other than espresso include the pour-over, but the chilli-infused cold drip is definitely of note. Taylor Blend offers plenty of single origins and blends depending on what’s in season or what rare and exotic beans they can get their hands on. They have the freedom to use different roasters from around Australia, so, as you can imagine, choosing what to try for my espresso was hard. I went with a single origin from Costa Rica called La Pena Tarrazu and it was divine. The first sip had a sharp acidity that amazed me when it turned into roasted nuts and savoury biscuits. It also had a natural sweetness in the aftertaste, resulting in a memorable experience. The latte was made from a secret blend, which is always on offer, called ‘The Taylor House Blend’, locally roasted by Simply Coffee. It was made with Tweedvale milk and served with a rosetta as the latte art. The first sip of the latte had a strong almond taste, followed by a creamy caramel aftertaste. The next time you have a day off, I recommend taking a drive up the hill to Taylor Blend, not just for the amazing coffee, but for a beautiful scenic walk through Ferguson Park next door. You may even come across a koala to share your coffee with. Taylor Blend 1/34 Hallett Road, Stonyfell

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