City Bites: Chianti Breakfast

Breakfast in Adelaide has undergone somewhat of a transformation in recent years. New venues are popping up like spring flowers offering innovative dishes that justify the price tag.

Chianti has weathered the trends, changes and hype since 1985. The breakfast service runs every day and still offers the signature tasting paddle: a single egg benedict, bircher muesli and a little sweet crepe. It’s there on the menu, unscathed, but neglected.

Thankfully there are plenty of items on the menu that aren’t in miniature, alongside a few classic breakfast cocktails, fresh juices and coffee. The best part about ordering breakfast here, is that you get the same thought and refinement in a breakfast dish that you do in an upscale dinner setting, because at dinner they do just that.


The menu changes seasonally but always features staples like the big breakfast, an oat dish, and crepes. It focuses on traditional flavour pairings but adds a refined creativity. The pumpkin waffles with crispy sage, fried egg, pancetta and maple syrup are inexcusable to pass up. They appear sporadically depending on the season.

The crepes are always listed, with toppings changing seasonally. This time it was passionfruit butter, orange, blueberry and mint. Laid out, the dish looks impressive as it arrives on a large oval plate. It’s just the right amount of tart and sweet.

Chianti has won the Restaurant and Catering Awards’ best breakfast for the past three years consecutively, a significant feat considering the expansion of local breakfast options in that time.


However, one unfortunate flaw in the Chianti breakfast experience is the coffee, which tastes underwhelming and sour. But, it will do the job in a pinch.

Finishing an indulgent meal here is easy. Portion sizes are generous but not excessive and care is taken to balance rich and light flavours. This means you won’t feel weighed down afterward.


The interior is restrained and classic, with white tablecloths gracing the indoor and larger outdoor settings – even at breakfast. Silver service means that you won’t have to fill your own water glass, but also means that if you’re ready to pay the bill you may have a short wait.

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