Duncan Welgemoed’s Africola to open in November

Adelaide’s resurgent food scene will be beefed up with Duncan Welgemoed’s newest venture Africola, which will open its doors on Wednesday, November 12.

Africola will see the Bistro Dom Executive Chef return to his South African roots for the southern African themed restaurant and bar, which will use traditional cooking techniques. “We will use a lot of smoke, a lot of ash and fire,” the Happy Motel and Bistro Dom Executive Chef says. A collaboration between Welgemoed, Mash Design’s James Brown as well as Paul Glen and James Hillier (Golden Boy, Rocket Bar), Africola will be located on 4 East Tce and it won’t just be the food that will have an African flavour. “The design will also be Afro-centric with James Brown throwing his flavour on it,” Welgemoed says. “He’s got a signature design style, which will work really well. As with Bistro Dom, we will keep a really small but interesting wine list. But instead of a French presence, which we had at Bistro Dom, there will be more of a South African presence.” Welgemoed will continue to oversee Bistro Dom while he ventures into new territory with Africola. For Africola, Welgemoed will bring some Bistro Dom regulars to the new destination, which will make the East and North Tce corner a top food and booze corner with Golden Boy and Botanic Bar as its neighbours. “The Sommelier will be Koen Janssens, he’s spent some time in South Africa. He’s got a pretty good idea of the sick booze coming out of there. Front of house will be Tess Footner, my ex manager of Bistro Dom. Melody Herbert, who is my Head Chef of Dom currently, will be going over to Africola as my Head Chef.” Shane Wilson will be taking over as head chef of Dom. Unlike the cosy Bistro Dom, Africola will have plenty of space. “It’s going to be all things to all people, you’re going to have a restaurant element – and the experience offered of a kitchen menu –but people can also go there and smash some booze and grab a snack and watch the action. Also with the outside, I’ve always wanted to open up that restaurant, so I’ll open the doors and have sick outdoor seating and just have everything flow out, which is going to be cool. “There will be music,” Welgemoed continues. “There will be some weird African vibes and party music. We’re going to get that curated. Every little detail we’ve thought about.” facebook.com/africoladopchop

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