Tasting Australia Now an Annual Event, Announces 2017 Dates

The team behind Tasting Australia has announced that the popular food and wine festival will return in 2017 and continue as an annually held event thereafter.

After a successful season with multiple sell-out events this year, the festival will again run in its Sunday-to-Sunday format  in 2017 from April 30 until May 7. “We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to deliver. We challenged ideas, covered some really important issues and provided experiences that we know will be remembered for a long time to come,” said co-creative director and chef, Simon Bryant. With a wide range of events running all over the state, Tasting Australia this year added an extra focus on South Australian producers in its program, as well as showcasing prominent chefs and cooking personalities. Tasting Australia’s CBD hub, the Town Square in Victoria Square this year promoted ten of South Australia’s most important regions, and hosted various live events.

Cheong-Liew-Retrospective-Adelaide-Review-tasting-australia-coal-cellar-grill-hilton-adelaide-chefs-chef-celebrity-cook-simon-bryant-paul-gillisA Cheong Liew Retrospective quickly sold out in 2016. Read our review here.

Amid continued emphasis on SA’s agricultural and export capacity, State Government has supported the shift from a bi-annual event to annual. “Premium food and wine is such an important part of South Australia’s story and it’s for that reason that the South Australian Government has supported the move for Tasting Australia to become annual,” said General Manager, Events South Australia, Hitaf Rasheed. The program for 2017 has yet to be announced. Tasting Australia held more than 200 events across South Australia this year, running from May 1-8. Read The Adelaide Review‘s interviews and reviews from Tasting Australia 2016 here.

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