Three Cheers for: Adelaide’s Best Croissants

Croissants are ubiquitous in cafes these days, but are often factory made and can be dry, soggy and chewy. Here are three of Adelaide’s best. Fresh and crunchy you could munch these down on their own and you won’t even miss the ham and cheese.

Boulangerie 113


Could you guess it’s a French bakery? With such an obvious name it’s lucky that they pay an honourable homage to traditional French pastries and breads. So much so that there have been claims among locals that their croissants are just as good as in Paris.

The croissants are large and have impressive laminated layers, visible when bitten in to. The ends are crisp and crunchy and there’s no sugary sweetness. You can even smell the butter as you bite in, but with no visible greasiness. That means you can have one every day, right?

Abbots & Kinney


Abbots &Kinney is knwon for taking the traditional techniques of French baking and dipping them into a vat of salted caramel. This is definitely not a bad thing, but with all of their weird and wonderful concoctions, it’s easy to forget about old faithful, the plain croissant.

Coming in at a measly $3.50 it’s the perfect friend to dunk in to a long black or latte. They’re not displayed in the cabinet at the store, so you’ll have to ask specifically. It’s not exactly a crazy secret menu, but hey, less is more.

The Flinders Street Project


The golden pastries that sit on the counter at Flinders Street Project are hand baked on site. There are fruit Danishes, jamon and cheese filled croissants but if simplicity is your game, the plain croissant will not disappoint. These are butterier and more bread-like than the two others in this list, more similar to a traditional Austrian kifli, but for each there’s a time and place.

The tiny kitchen overlooking the café area is supplemented by another space hidden out back. That’s where the pastries are made alongside sourdough bread each morning. The pastries are set out front at the café and bread along with each dish. A portion are also distributed to Elementary Coffee, The Middle Store, Bonobo Espresso and Caffiend in Hahndorf.

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