Iron Chefs to Host Exclusive Dinner at Shiki

Two legendary chefs of Iron Chef pedigree will make their mark at Shiki in a one-off exclusive dinner where diners will get the opportunity to experience authentic Szechwan and Teppanyaki cuisine.

Chef Chen Kentaro, son and successor of the legendary Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, and Chef Ikuei Arakane will bring their signature styles to Intercontinental Adelaide’s Shiki restaurant for an exquisite 11course set-menu dinner.

Kentaro’s grandfather is often referred to as the ‘Sage of Szechwan’ having established the credibility of Szechwan cuisine in Japan, and Kentaro avidly pursues this philosophy in his cooking. As such, he will be bringing the legendary third-generation dish Mapo Tofu to Adelaide for the first time ever.

Chef Ikuei Arakane, or Kin San as he is known on Iron Chef, too prides himself on the heritage of his cooking, and will serve up an authentic teppanyaki degustation for guests.

“It is an honor for the culinary team in Shiki to be able to join two Iron Chefs to bring guests this exclusive menu for one night only,” InterContinental Adelaide Executive Chef Tony Hart tells The Adelaide Review. “Guests will not only see these acclaimed Chefs in action for an interactive 11course meal, but will be able to experience Chef Kentaro’s legendary Mapo Tofu which is a first for South Australia.”

Iron Chef Experience in Shiki Shiki at Intercontinental Adelaide 6pm, Thursday, September 29 Menu and bookings available at

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