By The Glass: Does Yalumba’s Jane Ferrari have the best job in the world?

Jane Ferrari might have the best job in the world, travelling as a wine ambassador for Yalumba. As she tells By The Glass, this gig sees her telling stories and acquainting people with the Yalumba brand all across the globe.

Growing up in Alice Springs, the most cherished moments of Jane Ferrari’s childhood revolve around story time with her parents. It was special for Ferrari, because it was the time when she had 100 per cent of her parents’ attention.

Now, as brand ambassador for Yalumba, Ferrari’s role is to tell stories that captivate her audience. It’s a role that has only recently started to become “cool”, according to the Angaston local, “When I made jokes about putting storyteller on a business card 4-5 years ago, people thought I was loony,” she says.

Ferrari joined By The Glass fresh from a stint in the US, where she worked across various states at all different hours. “You can be doing a tasting out the back of an organic supermarket with young staff and plastic thimble cups as a staff training, and then in a heartbeat you can be at the MET in New York before the Opera.”

The industry has changed dramatically over the years, says Ferrari.

“When I started there was good, bad and indifferent wine. Now, there’s good wine everywhere — in actual fact, there’s great wine everywhere.”

For brands looking to make an impact in the international market, Ferrari has some insight: “Good wine gets you in the game, great wine gives you a competitive chance. First, people wanted to know about sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture. Now it’s ethics – which never used to come up.”

Listen below to learn more about Ferrari’s experiences travelling overseas, representing a brand so close to home.

If you’d like to listen to Jane Ferrari’s stories in person, you can during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Her show Ferrari: Unlimited Kilometres, will be at The Kentish Hotel Wine Shed across select dates. More information at

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