La Crema Coffee

The Crème de la Crème.

La Crema Coffee has been around Adelaide for quite some time and has recently moved to a new location with its boutique cafe now open for serious coffee lovers. It has a range of different brewing methods to choose from and high quality stock on their shelves to browse. La Crema is also offering the customer a unique experience of being able to buy the green beans and personally roast them onsite before taking them home to enjoy. La-Crema-Coffee-roasted As soon as I showed an interest in coffee, the barista’s eyes lit up and he dived straight into the range of coffee and different brewing methods on offer. He suggested I try the fully washed Nicaraguan from the Matagalpa region. It was handed to me straight from the machine to enjoy, and the honey notes in the aroma were buzzing up my nose with the first sip. The pleasant acidic undertones were more predominant towards the end, which finished it nicely. The latte was made with the current house blend called St Mary’s made of Brazilian, Colombian and Indian beans. It featured the latte art of a six-leaf tulip and the first taste was soft and woody. As I knocked it back the sweet notes came through with an almost sesame seed-like flavour in the after taste. La-Crema-Coffee-beans Being a serious coffee lover, when I entered La Crema I felt like a child in an up-market candy store. With so much to choose from, La Crema Coffee is not just a boutique but also a coffee cellar door that earns its place in Adelaide’s coffee culture.   La Crema Coffee 14 Denis Street, St Mary’s

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