By The Glass: Tristram Fini on How to Make the Best Negroni

Fini joins Chris Komorek and Alister Robertson on By The Glass to explain how to make the perfect Negroni and most importantly, when to drink it.

Tristram Fini is a part owner of Perth cocktail bar Late Night Valentine. He is also a brand ambassador for Campari, and being half-Italian, it’s a role that suits him perfectly.

“The pure aperitivo time (in Italy) lasts from 4-7pm when they’ve finished siesta, gone back to work for an hour and said ‘you know what, i’m done’ and they go and hang out with their friends and they keep drinking and eating.”



Header image: Tristram Fini

Theme music courtesy of Max Savage
Image by By The Glass
Recorded live at Mache

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