Rare Treat: Poached Chicken with Spring Vegetable Morels Recipe

This recipe is an excellent introduction to spring: it’s French, wholesome, healthy and super tasty.

Poached chicken makes a grand Sunday lunch that leaves you with excellent leftovers. Walking through the Adelaide Central Market is a pleasure this time of year so take your time and hunt around. House of Organics should have all the spring veg hitting their shelves and Marco the Mushroom Man has started to get amazing morels from the Adelaide Hills. The best chickens in the state come from Barossa Birds and Savannah Farm, so have a good look for their products at the Market, as this recipe calls for the highest quality chook. To keep this lunch on the French tip, serve this with baguettes from Dough and finish with an epic, stinky Epoisses from Smelly Cheese.[amd-yrecipe-recipe:1]





The Bees’ Free the Bees album. Put Chicken Payback on repeat and have a one-person dance party in the kitchen. The weather has been pretty dreary of late, so this plucky guitar-driven mishmash should help usher in spring that bit quicker.


Murdoch Hill’s 2015 The Tilbury Chardonnaymurdoch-hill-tilbury-chardonnay

Michael Downer has definitely established himself as one of Adelaide’s notable young wine makers. On the surface, this wine is all austerity and good grace, but as it warms up a little it starts to throw out some wilder, off-key notes. Straight laced enough to keep your Nan happy, just enough quirk to keep you interested. It’s best drunk straight out of the bottle mid-chicken prepping.


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