Review: Coffee Institute

Coffee Institute, an unwavering devotion to the cause of brewing the perfect coffee.

One meaning of the word institution is an “establishment devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program” and the Coffee Institute is definitely a boutique establishment devoted to the cause of really good coffee. They roast all their own beans onsite and serve via an array of brewing methods. The La Marzocco Espresso Machine is the first thing you notice when you enter, the second is a smiling barista ready to serve and talk coffee. Coffee-Institute The barista suggests I try a single origin from Brazil (Nossa Senhora de Fátima) for my espresso, which is 100 percent organic. It has a strong fragrance of fruit that complements the smooth acidity and I can taste toasted pear and a mellow stone fruit taste towards the end. Next is the latte, which is made from a single origin Sumatra. It has a light golden coloured crema that is perfectly blended with the B.-d Farm Paris Creek milk. It has a full body taste with a buttery mouthfeel and a pleasant acidity but towards the end I taste more citrus notes, which linger. At the Coffee Institute you’re sure to bump into someone who is crazy about coffee and you may end up joining the rest of us coffee nuts by dropping in to get an insanely good coffee before going to the institution we call work.   Coffee Institute 68 North East Road, Walkerville

Adelaide In-depth

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