Defining Drinkability

The Hot 100 is quite unique in the way it is formatted and judged, attracting personalities from the wine and food industry to be a part of a special fraternity.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Hot 100. We have been thinking drinkability for much of those years, taking the show from convention to innovation. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. But what does it mean to me? Why be a part of something like this for eight years? I’ve been thinking about these questions since being invited to write a contribution to the season launch and this is how I’ll answer. The Hot 100 is an opportunity for a group of people – including TAFE SA – to represent at an event that collects, in one place, the diversity of South Australia’s wine regions and identities. For volunteer students and wine geeks to sort, sample and serve wines made with love, passion and dedication. For chefs, foodies, sommeliers, makers and retailers to see that year’s wares; to taste and think on the results of nature and nurture; to list, score and find the best of the best. An opportunity to define drinkability.

Hot-100-Wines-Season-Launch-Party-Adelaide-Review-bendigo-bank-south-australian-wine-competition-judgingTrevor Maskell speaking at the launch of the Hot 100 Wines SA 2016/17 Season Click here to view more photos from the launch

This event is about wine, about learning of a sense of place, about learning of the classics and the rule breakers and the history of our long serving custodians of old vines and older dirt. Learning of the innovators and next generation of South Australian grape growers and wine makers. Learning about how a group of judges can interpret and define drinkability and the responsibility we have to share that knowledge with the people around us. That opens doors to young palates and opportunities to broaden experienced ones. I love being a part of this wine event; from the receiving of entries, unpacking boxes to find strange and eye catching labels, to discovering new winemakers and their labours of love, and the never ceasing wonder of how much passion and evolution there is in this food and wine state. I look back on my eight years involved with TAFE SA and The Adelaide Review’s wonderful collaboration, to the winners and grinners, to the judges, students and volunteers and to all that have submitted their wines and represented South Australia and its breathtaking beauty and diversity, and I think that this is constantly providing opportunity to learn. And that’s what it is about, isn’t it? Trevor Maskell is the Hot 100’s Chief Steward

Entries are now open for South Australia’s winemakers to submit their wines for judging.

Learn more about this year’s Hot 100 Wines SA here.

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