Hot 100 Winter Harvest Event: Is The Future Female?

Hot 100 Harvest Feature Event: Is the Future Female? A conversation on the shifting dynamics within the hospitality, wine and beverage industries.

#MeToo has got the whole world talking about just how much gender dictates a person’s pathway in life. Not that questions weren’t being raised before. And not that women haven’t been blazing trails through traditionally male dominated industries for years.  However, the movement has served to focus the discussion and give it more oxygen. But how far have we really come?

In the food and wine sector there is no shortage of female-run kitchens, vineyards, wineries, even breweries but often the stories these women have to tell about how they arrived where they are  say more about their personal determination than any real change in the industry’s attitude to employing and promoting women.

It is widely acknowledged that greater equality would not only be desirable but also beneficial but progress has been slow. Looking at major awards and the top line chefs, winemakers, sommeliers and vignerons at most larger organisations it is clear that the pathway is far from clear for women to progress.

Opinions about how best to address this issue vary widely. Not all women who have managed to succeed feel comfortable being held up as examples of ‘how to do it’. For some, the solution is to put the head down and work through it in the hope of being recognised. Others just don’t feel making a fuss is helpful. And of course, many want to use the momentum created by the global spotlight on inequality to push hard for change.

Hot 100 Wines has always aligned itself with change and evolution in the wine industry so it is fitting that at the Harvest event on June 29 and 30 we will bring together two high level panels of women from the industry to discuss the question “Is the future female?”.

In the relaxed surrounds of the Hot 100 Lounge, panellists will deal with a range of questions around female empowerment. Are we doing enough to support women in these fields? What does gender equality in the food and beverage industry look like? How do we respond to backlash to the equality campaign from both men and women?

Stop by the Hot 100 Lounge presented by White Marquee  at 8pm Friday and 2pm Saturday to join this free discussion over a glass or two of outstanding South Australian wine.

Day 1: Friday, June 29 at 8pm: Hot 100 Lounge at the Adelaide Convention Centre

Host: Samantha Payne

Panel: Kavita Faiella (Sommelier and Wine Consultant), Elle Martin (Head of marketing for Sparkke Beverage Co.) and Jessie Spiby (Chef and Food Writer)


Day 2: Saturday, June 30 at 2pm: Hot 100 Lounge at the Adelaide Convention Centre

Host: Samantha Payne

Panel: Kavita Faiella (Sommelier and Wine Consultant), Ali James (MD of Sparkke Beverage Co.), Nikki Friedli (Part- Owner and GM of Africola)

Tickets available online here

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