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The Hot 100 Wines ventured to Singapore in July for the wine show’s inaugural international event to celebrate a decade of discovering South Australia’s most drinkable wines.

The Hot 100 held a wine-led four-course degustation and masterclass at the internationally-renowned Pollen in Singapore on Monday, July 25 where chef Angelo Rosso (formerly of The Fat Duck and Marco Pierre White) matched his dishes to the Hot 100’s current top 10 wines. The Singapore event was launched by the Hon. Leon Bignell (Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Tourism), who along with the Hot 100’s Chief Judge Banjo Harris Plane, Adelaide-based judge and wine writer Nick Ryan, Melbourne’s Dan Sims (Bottle Shop Concepts), Andrew Cameron and Singapore-based wine writer Lim Hwee Peng, shared insights into the nexus between South Australian wine and South East Asia. Other topics they discussed included: the concept of drinkability, the business of wine and South Australia’s energetic wine community. Bignell said the Hot 100 is a “wonderful institution” at the Pollen event. “As the local member for McLaren Vale, I’ve got a strong interest in the wine industry,” Bignell said. “I want to thank the people that have made this possible, because this is the first international venture for the Hot 100, the first time that it has come out of Australia,” he said. “I’m hoping we will see more of this because it’s a terrific flagship to show these really drinkable wines.” The Hot 100 is planning a similar event in South East Asia next year to showcase the top 10 wines of the upcoming Hot 100 season. The winning wines will also be on display at the Hot 100’s first public event, the Hot 100 Harvest, which will be held in Adelaide on Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 3. The Harvest will bring all of the state’s wine regions to the centre of the city to celebrate drinkability and South Australia’s diverse regions, wines and winemakers. This will be the first Hot 100 celebration that will allow direct selling of wines to consumers and is open to all wineries that have enjoyed success in the Hot 100 over the past decade. Hot-100-Wines-Singapore-Social-Photos-(3) Hot 100 entries almost closed South Australian wineries only have a short time to submit their wines for the 2016/17 season. The Hot 100 is a unique wine show as wines are submitted by style rather than variety. Some of the categories include White Wines with Texture, Structural and Savoury, Fruit Forward with Finesse and Dreamers and Believers. The Hot 100 is a zeitgeist capturing wine show that rewards creativity and has seen many wineries and winemakers experience success and recognition after winning. Last year’s winner was The Other Wine Co’s 2015 Grenache (which is now sold out) while the year before, The Gentle Folk took out the honours with its 2014 Blossoms. Other winners include 919’s Pale Dry Apera, Yalumba’s FDW 14 Chardonnay while the inaugural winner was S.C. Pannell’s 2005 Shiraz Grenache all the way back in 2007. To submit your wines, head here:

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