Wine Review: A new Gamay rising in the Yarra Valley

Rising Wines’ 2017 Yarra Valley Gamay goes to show that this varietal has strong potential in Australian soils.

It’s throughout this time of year that I waffle on about ‘autumnal wines’. For me, at least, it’s about characters in a wine that seem to align with the seasons.

For this time of year, when it seems that the earth is drawing breath to store energy for the cooler months, those characters fall in the earthen category: those of leaf litter, damp earth, game and mushroom notes. Pinot Noir fits this bill as does this little wine made from Gamay.

It gladdens my heart to see new Gamay wines appear on Australian wine store shelves. It is a variety that, as we mature as a wine growing nation, seems to fit in well with the certain soils and climatic conditions prevalent in some wine regions and its light, airy gait certainly pairs well with the cuisine we enjoy eating. Plus it can take a bit of a chill in the fridge on those warmer days and that will always score bonus points with this particular wine hack.

It is produced by Tom Belford in the Yarra Valley. I’ve written about this cat before. He is of Bobar Wines fame, where he forged a reputation for producing food-friendly delicious wines. Well he’s at it again with his new project Rising Wines.

Light purple/red in colour with pure, bright aromas of red cherry, cranberry, macerated raspberry fruits, spice, forest floor and a light wash of Amaro herbs. Sprightly and spacious on the palate with great clarity, purity and a sense of juiciness and slinky allure that beckons the drinker towards a second glass.

It’s a cracker, as is the Chardonnay from the same range.

RISING WINES 2017 Yarra Valley Gamay

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