Wine Review: Homeless Grapes Project ‘beautiful’ in more ways than one

It is good to spare a thought for those who have fallen on hard times, and it is rare for a wine to inspire such feelings, but the initiative of The Homeless Grapes Project is to do just that.

Life has a tendency to be pretty brutal, and even a cursory glance at the news is enough to convince anyone that we should be treating each other with a little more respect, understanding and compassion.

This particular wine has a wonderful backstory. It stems from a Facebook post back in 2015 when McLaren Vale grower Jock Harvey mentioned he had a block of Shiraz grapes that didn’t have a home. He said they were anyone’s if they would make a small donation to the Hutt St Centre, a front-line charity for Adelaide’s homeless.

The guys from Vinomofo floated the idea of making it into a wine and donating the proceeds to the Hutt St Centre. Before they knew it, Yangarra had pitched in their winemaking expertise; oak barrels were donated, as were bottling and labels. Three days after a Facebook post, 200 people fronted up to pick the grapes before the winemaking crew took over.

It was a beautiful thing.

This year’s model was produced at McLaren Vale’s Penny’s Hill and is lovely drinking with lifted red and dark berry fruits, spice, jasmine and red licorice tones with a hint of gentle oak.

It is medium-bodied in the mouth with a lovely weight on the palate, bright, savoury-edged fruit and a slinky shape that slides along nicely and provides delicious drinking.

Grab a few bottles and support the wonderful work that the Hutt St Centre does for those less fortunate in our wonderful city.


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