Wine Review: Shadowfax’s ‘Dangerously Drinkable’ Blend

You will often find me sitting in my favourite chair in front of the fire at this time of the year: dog curled up at my feet, stroking my chin in contemplation and pondering autumnal wines.

shadowfax-minnow-2015-wine-adelaide-reviewNot really. The thought just popped into my head as I tried this wine but I do like wines of that earthy ilk. Wines that to my twisted noggin seem autumnal: Pinot Noir, Gamay and bunchy Shiraz at the lighter end of the spectrum.

The 2015 Shadowfax Minnow seems to me quite autumnal drinking. It’s a bit of a fruit salad; a blend of red and white grape varieties – Grenache, Cinsault, Mataro, Mondeuse Noir and Roussanne – from down Werribee way in Victoria. It is one of those dangerously drinkable blends that seems to tick all the boxes.

For starters, the colour is very Pinotesque. The aromatic profile is awash with redcurrant, cranberry and red cherries with some grapefruit lift for good measure. It is fragrant and musky-edged with a light dusting of Asian spice and amaro herbs to fill things out.

At the lighter end of medium-bodied, it features plenty of space and detail on the palate which shows bright fruit and a spicy flick to its tail with a sapid acid line and gentle tannin wash. The wine finishes with a sexy Aperol spritz herbal tweak.

I challenge anyone not to have a glass of this over a dish of pasta and not come out smiling.

SHADOWFAX 2015 Minnow

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