Adam Goodrum by Cult

Sydney-based designer Adam Goodrum was in town recently to launch his highly anticipated new collection at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Sydney-based designer Adam Goodrum was in town recently to launch his highly anticipated new collection at Aptos Cruz Galleries. When Adam Goodrum won the prestigious Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award in 2004 he was touted as the new name to watch. It was an accurate prediction because only four years later the Sydney-based designer was meeting with the art director of Italian manufacturing powerhouse Cappellini to talk about putting his Stitch chair into production. Today Goodrum is one of Australia’s most renowned industrial designers and each new product he releases is met with an unwavering mix of excitement and anticipation. It was only a matter of time before he collaborated with Cult (who represents Cappellini in Australia) and the result is a collection of furniture suitable for both residential and commercial applications. “It’s a privilege to be working with a company that wants to do things at such a high level and who doesn’t compromise on quality,” Goodrum says. “We tried to create a coherent collection with personality and a sense of friendliness that includes functional pieces with spirit; furniture that people want to use.” There are 16 pieces in the Adam Goodrum collection, comprising six ranges – Aran, FatTulip, Loom, Molloy, Nest and Plum. Each are deliciously inviting in their robustness, while possessing an aesthetic that is both playful and modern. While Goodrum doesn’t cite any specific inspirations he admits the collection snowballed as Cult Managing Director Richard Munao would suggest adding to it. “Each piece informed the next, so it was a bit intuitive in that sense,” Goodrum reflects. “There’s an underlying DNA in the collection, but it was mainly about doing things properly and using good materials to achieve a friendly aesthetic.” One of the highlights of the collection is Goodrum’s use of 3D knitted wool as upholstery. The fabric is manufactured by Dutch company Febrik and has proven hugely popular amongst European designers where it has been used by the likes of Patricia Urquiola and the Bouroullec Brothers. This technologically advanced fabric was only recently made available to the Australian market, making Goodrum one of the very first designers in the country to use it. Its application on his Loom chair and Fat Tulip sofa elevates the sense of design detail, while adding to the robustness of each form. Goodrum has relished the opportunity to work with an Australian company to develop and manufacture a new furniture collection. “It just makes sense to be working with a company where you live because things can happen a lot quicker,” he says. “Everything is in such close proximity, so resolving problems has been easy, which was fantastic.” With plans to expand the collection with a commercial version of the Nest timber side tables, Goodrum remains unrelenting in his advocacy of Australian design. “I think it’s an exciting time for designers in this country. There’s mindblowing stuff being made on the other side of the world, but there’s also really good stuff happening here; we can hold our chins up.” Adam Goodrum by Cult is available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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