Adelaide’s Palladium on Light

The newest addition to Light Square has already got people talking.

The newest addition to Light Square has already got people talking and, once Palladium on Light, is built it will undoubtedly become one of Adelaide’s most covetable residential addresses. Of all the sites in Adelaide’s CBD, the one most unlikely to be chosen for a new high-end residential development would have to be Light Square. The modestly sized West End precinct has had a colourful – if somewhat troubled – past and is most often associated with late night brawls, drug deals gone wrong and once being the home of the city’s most notorious brothel. Times have changed, however, and even Light Square is cleaning up its act as developers begin to identify the potential for regeneration. At the forefront of this urban renewal is Diadem Corporation and their new luxurious apartment complex Palladium on Light. With construction beginning in May and due for completion mid to late 2015, this 19-level building will boast 50 one-, two-and-four-bedroom apartments. City living is on the rise in Adelaide and Diadem Corporation is determined to set a new standard in multiresidential comfort and liveability with this project. Assigned with the task of bringing the developer’s vision to fruition is Adelaide-based design and planning practice Intro. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, however, as Intro Director Nigel Howden explains, “One of the big challenges we faced was the retention of the existing Heritagelisted building on the site. Although it adds significant character we did have to tightly manage its re-use through the planning process, so that all the different stakeholders that bought into the scheme were comfortable with what we were doing.” Howden reconciled a potentially problematic outcome by deliberately maintaining a very clear distinction between the existing building and the modern development above it. This division between old and new becomes Palladium on Light’s most resounding design expression and what lends the project instant visual appeal. The brick of the existing building and the glass of the addition’s facade makes for an unexpectedly varied material palette that is both confident and elegant. This distinct aesthetic is also carried over into the interior where each apartment will be detailed with a selection of warm, neutrally toned finishes. Sustainability was a priority for both the developer and Howden and key environmentally sustainable design (ESD) features have been incorporated. “The balconies are vast to allow for ventilation through the apartments,” says Howden. “But it is a tight site and we had to think about how to model the floorplates to allow for even the most fundamental ESD features, like having a window in each bedroom, which a lot of schemes don’t have.” Technology has also been intelligently incorporated into Palladium on Light’s design and Howden cites the fully automated 40-car stacking system as one of the project’s most innovative features. It neatly accommodates car parking for residents at the rear of the building rather than positioning the car park at the front of the building, which would have been visible from the square. Once built, Palladium on Light will be very much in keeping with Light Square’s new image, injecting a great deal of style and charm into an area that is ripe for renewal.

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