Walter Brooke’s New Look

An architecture studio for more than 40 years, Walter Brooke is enjoying somewhat of a rebirth, as their new studio space won this year’s SA Architecture Award for Best Interior Architecture.

Establishing themselves as a powerhouse firm across a number of sectors including education, aged care and large scale civic spaces such as the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment, Walter Brooke are expanding further into other facets of design, including interiors.

“We are being sought out for interior (design) projects specifically now, which is nice to see,” says associate director Mark Berlangieri.

The practice’s move into the city last year coincided with a rebrand of the business and provided an opportunity for Walter Brooke’s designers to consult in-house and reimagine what their new space might look like. “We ran the project like any other and consulted with our own people as clients,” Berlangieri says.


The office — a bold, yet chic monochromatic interior — is filled with light and is teeming with energetic lines, created by dramatic interjections of luxury fabrics such as velvets and white faux fur. A new outdoor undercover terrace takes views across the city skyline. White marble tile, monolithic black cabinetry and wall panelling elevate the space and showcase the possibilities for renovation, in what was a conventional commercial office building. “Our fit-out has shown what is possible to our clients and suppliers,” says director Eddie Typek. “You don’t necessarily need to move into a brand new high-rise to get such a high-end result.”

Cleverly, the focus for the designers involved, including Berlangieri and Walter Brooke colleague Simon Lobianco, was on parts of the fit-out that people often interact with, such as chairs, doors, furniture and table surfaces. This has resulted in an interior that feels sophisticated and refined for its considerably moderate budget. “We wanted it to line-up with the new vision for the brand which was edgy, yet sophisticated and established,” Lobianco says.


The office, which aligns with an earlier mentioned rebrand, is just one of the many diverse projects the firm has completed recently including Twenty Third Street Distillery and collaborations with international branding superstar Ken Cato while their space is also home to Genesin Studio, which regularly collaborates with Walter Brooke on projects.

In exciting times ahead, the firm is ushering in a new talent pool of associate directors who will continue to push forward the new found verve at Walter Brooke, sure to create even more inventive spaces for South Australia in years to come.

Plus, they are considering opening up the office for public design and art events such as SALA and supplier presentations.

Photography: David Sievers

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