Institute Previews: AILA’s Active Engagement

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects – South Australian Chapter (AILA SA). This important milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of the profession and its aspirations for the future.

The liveability of cities, towns and suburbs will determine their long–term economic success and resilience. Landscape architects are champions for liveable cities, through the respect of community and place, and, increasingly, the integration of green infrastructure. AILA SA will focus on liveability and better recognition of the profession in contributing to the quality of the built environment, ranging from city-wide strategies to the redesign of local parks. People without access to green space are more at risk of preventable chronic health problems and social isolation. Well-designed play spaces encourage healthy physical activity and development in children, and provide supportive social environments to foster stronger communities. In support of national AILA campaigns My Park Rules and Australia’s Best Playground, AILA SA will actively engage with local decision–makers and the wider community on the importance of well–planned and well–designed public spaces. Green infrastructure can improve the comfort, appeal and value of a place, and collectively the wider regions. This includes alternate paving types, green roofs and walls, rain gardens, street trees, tree planting and planting beds resulting in greener plazas, open spaces and streetscapes. Green infrastructure is a critical element to the sustainability of South Australia’s cities, towns and suburbs. AILA SA will continue to advocate for better integration of Green Infrastructure, focussing on the State Government’s development of the Climate Change Strategy, Carbon Neutral Adelaide and the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill. Ben Willsmore, President, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, SA Chapter

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