Institute Previews: Change is Coming for PIA

Not surprisingly as the Planning Development and Infrastructure Bill continues to travel through Parliament, the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) will be watching and weighing in on the debate.

To date we have been quietly advocating behind the scenes. However, as debate continues and amendments are made, PIA is interested in being more vocal to ensure a good planning outcome. This is a piece of legislation that enables planners, developers, local governments and the community to plan and build the communities they want. A piece of legislation that has longevity and is flexible enough to meet our changing needs now and in the future. PIA will continue to advocate for the urban growth boundary as we believe it is an excellent planning tool that assists in achieving good planning. While we will be advocating for an act that ensures we can achieve good planning outcomes, we will also be focussing on the people that implement our system – planners. PIA will focus on the development of high quality planners. Planners who have the courage and ability to work across disciplines to seek agreement on outcomes. Planners who are resilient to change, which is especially important as, with new legislation, change is coming. Kym Pluck, PIA SA President

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