Tag: adelaide festival 2017


Review: Saul

The jaw-dropping Saul ushers in the new Adelaide Festival era with one of the most astonishing Festival shows of recent memory.…


Review: Intimate Space

Using the iconic Hilton Hotel as its live canvas, Intimate Space is a stunning exploration of the balance between the realms of public and private.…


Review: Richard III

Schaubühne Berlin’s Richard III is a bold interpretation of Shakespeare’s greatest anti-hero, but is ultimately undone by a disjointed, lack-lustre presentation…


Review: Betroffenheit

Betroffenheit by Electric Company Theatre is anxious, deliberate and effective. The piece opens with a shrill and maddening internal conversation between the un…


Samstag Goes Off the Deep End

The relationship between humans and the ocean has long been one of fascination and intrigue. While it provides a sense of adventure and discovery it has also pr…