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Book Review: The Thirst

Yes readers, he is back. The drunken, own-worst-enemy (despite a shed-full of other enemies), scandal-ridden detective of genius, Harry Hole, is on the hunt.…


Book Review: A Loving Faithful Animal

While the fulcrum hours of Josephine Rowe’s first novel-length work of fiction, A Loving, Faithful Animal, run from the morning of the last day of 1990 into the…


The Road to Ruin

A must–read juicy backroom account of the Tony Abbott/ Peta Credlin partnership or an unethical and biased piece of gossipy trash – there seems to be two …


Review: Golden Years

While it’s impossible to know now how the book might have been received were it not for Eskandarian’s tragic and senseless end, it’s difficult not to imagine th…

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