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Bite-Sized Book Reviews

A gripping mystery, philosophical cartoonists, Hillary Clinton and a war on journalism are on the menu for this month’s bite-sized book reviews.…


Book Review: The Destroyers

A modern literary thriller in the vein of Patricia Highsmith and Graham Greene with a hint of Bret Easton Ellis nihilism, Christopher Bollen’s latest novel The …


Book Review: Golden Prey

Roger Hainsworth enjoys John Sandford’s crime-fuelled thriller, Golden Prey, which sends Lucas Davenport down a fresh rabbit hole of drugs, heists and act…


Book Review: The Secret Life

The ‘three true stories’ that make up Andrew O’Hagan’s new collection of essays The Secret Life is a vital look at the reality of self in the cyber age.…


Book Review: Dead Souls

14 months ago I read and enthusiastically reviewed Angela Marsons’ Lost Girls. Her plot was so gripping, her story so well told, that I promptly got hold of two…


Book Review: Rather be the Devil

John Rebus is back in Rather be the Devil along with several characters from earlier novels, including DI Siobhan Clarke, and former Complaints Department chief…

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