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Book Review: The Benefactor

Sebastian Hampson’s sad sack tale about a former editor of a glamorous magazine who struggles to find meaning after losing his wife constantly teases that somet…


Book Review: The Destroyers

A modern literary thriller in the vein of Patricia Highsmith and Graham Greene with a hint of Bret Easton Ellis nihilism, Christopher Bollen’s latest novel The …


Book Review: The Secret Life

The ‘three true stories’ that make up Andrew O’Hagan’s new collection of essays The Secret Life is a vital look at the reality of self in the cyber age.…


Colonel Light’s Spanish Connection

In the early nineteenth century, joining the local forces fighting Napoleon in Spain was a group of British soldiers and engineers who would later be central to…


John Safran’s Muslim Jamboree

John Safran has spent more than two decades flourishing in the weird fringes of Australian pop culture, often going to darkly comic extremes in the process. So …