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Review: Gondola Gondola

“It’s not hawker-style street food, though it does take some creative license on some customary dishes from Vietnam and Thailand with just a hint of Japan…


Review: Osteria Oggi

Recently listed as one of the world’s 10 best new restaurants (by CNN of all places), Osteria Oggi’s culinary talent (Andrew Davies is Executive Chef while Pres…

Review: The Mayflower

The 80s has a lot to answer for: shoulder pads, pleated jeans, microwave cookbooks, overboiled greens and Thousand Island dressing. Most of us would rather try …

Ryo's Noodles

Review: Ryo’s Noodles

With the arrival of Ryo’s Noodles – found in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Sydney – Adelaide’s pretty non-existent ramen scene is about to get a shake-up.…

Larry & Ladd

Review: Larry & Ladd

Larry & Ladd opened quietly earlier this week, but already the queues are 10 people deep and curious onlookers are crowding the glass walls in Regent Arcad…

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