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Brussels Sprouts Salad Recipe

This is my favourite winter salad. It is perfect with roast meats and so much fresher than boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts. It is also great for lunch. I add…


Pear Tarte Tatin Recipe

With pears in season, this is the perfect time to try this recipe, but once you master the caramel, switch the pears for the firmest fruits in season.…


Rare Treat: Hommus

This month, the Other Right Wines (Alex Schulkin and Galit Shachaf) take control of Duncan Welgemoed’s recipe column.…


Cheese Matters: Simply Feta

Feta, Ouzo and watermelon might seem like an unusual combination but this trio is Greek mischief with a capital ‘M’. Whether it is served as an appetiser or mad…

Rare Treat: Venison

Something a bit festive and a great alternative to turkey for Christmas, you can purchase venison from Something Wild in the Central Market. However, if you are…

Right under our nose

I was extremely lucky to travel to SA’s APY Lands and the Darwin region to look at some amazing native food that, for one reason or another, has never been fron…

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