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Eyes in the sky

As the theatrical adaptation of Tim Winton’s That Eye, The Sky prepares to open for State Theatre Company of South Australia, its co-writer Justin Monjo and dir…


Theatre Review: Vale

Vale is at once a wickedly funny story about a calamitous New Year’s Eve party, and a deeply tragic tale about inter-generational resentment and inheritan…


Theatre Review: Switzerland

Switzerland likes to toy with its audience. As with the cat and mouse games Patricia Highsmith played in her own thrilling tales, Joanna Murray-Smith’s script t…


Review: Macbeth

The second show from State Theatre Company SA’s new ensemble brings Macbeth to life in a vivid, modern and bloody realisation of the classic text.…


Review: A Doll’s House

Elena Carapetis’ adaptation of A Doll’s House brings Henrik Ibsen’s immortal classic firmly into the here and now with an impressive performance from State Thea…

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