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James Smith as Charlie in Jasper Jones (Photo: Kate Pardey)

Review: Jasper Jones

An energetic State Theatre cast makes the rich and awkward adolescent world of Kate Mulvany’s Jasper Jones adaptation pop, but death, racism and adult complexit…

Ellen Steele, Louisa Mignone and Nadia Rossi in The Club (Photo: Chris Herzfeld)

Review: The Club

By taking David Williamson’s blokey satire The Club back to the 70s with an all-female cast, isthisyours? shows we haven’t escaped the bad old days just yet.…

Renato Musolino in Animal Farm (Photo: James Hartley)

Review: Animal Farm

A lone Renato Musolino transforms into pigs, hens and Stalinist caricatures in an arresting performance of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.…

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