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The last man in Adelaide

Reflecting on truth, politics and George Orwell, novelist Stephen Orr asks: why do governments need to advertise like brand-name fashion accessories and junk fo…


A tale of a lit city

Novelist Stephen Orr had this crazy dream that Adelaide could become the next UNESCO City of Literature. Too bad it was just fantasy……


Lessons from the Stasi

Our fascination with East Germany and Berlin has never been greater but there are lessons to remember from the German Democratic Republic and the State’s brutal…


Extract: Stephen Orr’s The Hands

Adelaide writer Stephen Orr’s latest novel The Hands (Wakefield Press) is an acclaimed Australian pastoral about the Wilkie family and their need to make a livi…

Young Beavis

Publishing is a marginal business. Profits are slim. Book types do it because they believe in the word, the sentence, the idea. That a city, a state, should lea…

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