Agile X Uni SA Pavilion

Category: Small Project Architecture
Entrant: Uni SA

The world is increasingly fast paced and uncertain. In few places is this pace more evident than in computing. In this new world, the traditional methods of architecture may struggle to keep pace.

The idea of AGILE X is to apply agile development methods from computing in design. This makes AGILE X different from a standard design process in that we focus on the development of immaterial systems first and decide on the materialisation at the
last possible moment.

This enables us to be more flexible and responsive to both the needs of the client and the
developing contextual, material and environmental conditions of the project during the design process.

We have recently tested these ideas in a series of three workshops to design and fabricate a pavilion for the office of Design and Architecture South Australia (ODASA) in Adelaide to coincide with the Australian Institute of Architecture’s National Conference.

Photographer: Sam Noonan

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