Oaklands Recreation Plaza

Category: From Plan to Place
Entrant: City of Marion and Outerspace

The Oaklands Recreation Plaza includes a skate facility with features and elements that allow for flow, tricks and casual use for skateboards, BMX, scooters and inline skaters.

In addition to the skate facility, the development includes the provision for further recreation opportunities including parkour, 3 point basketball, and casual skate / blade / bike riding. The development incorporates landscaping, paths, toilet, lighting, park furniture and social gathering spaces to create a high quality plaza setting that integrates with the wetland and creates a strong interface with Oaklands Road.

Planning for the site concentrated on youth activities and challenged the perception of youth recreation spaces being antisocial. The site provided good passive surveillance and the design is activated from the street in an area that is highly active. Facilities that cater for the needs of youth are rare and require good community consultation to remove stigma.

  • The facility is the first of its kind in Adelaide with an integrated purpose built parkour facility.
  • The design encompassed a number of challenges and constraints which were resolved in the detailed design.
  • Cultural narratives have been intertwined.

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