Prospect Memorial Gardens Redevelopment

Practice: Outerspace Landscape Architects
Client:  City of Prospect

Listening to the community is a vital step towards creating a space that is embraced by and, in return, enchanting to its users.

This project, more than a space for play, has achieved success across a number of planning, design and implementation strategies, transforming an existing park into a great park.  It’s not only for the young and young at heart but for people of all ages.

Photography: Don Brice

This three-stage project, a visually exciting nod to youthful exuberance, challenged us to channel the inner child while pragmatically designing an environment that enhanced the surrounding gardens.  An environment where the community could immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and scents of the natural surrounds.  A place where they could thrill to complementary built elements that playfully pushed the boundaries and attractions that ignited and challenged young minds to keep up with their imaginations.

Prospect Memorial Gardens is a significant place making project which demonstrates a great community focussed outcome, the project is one that has been embraced by the community, with strong support for the beautiful and engaging space that has emerged.

Photo Credit: Don Brice


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