Quandong Garden

Category: Gardens
Practice: Oxigen

This joyful and engaging native garden located in the Adelaide foothills has transformed a previous formal lawn and garden into a compelling example of Australian garden design – one that celebrates the art of gardening and which has at its core a deep appreciation of space, the considered use of native plants, local materials and food production. This is a peoples garden enjoyed by children and grandparents.

Organised around terraces, the garden makes full creative use of the slope. Transitions are seamlessly achieved via corten steel steps that lead and direct. Level spaces are made usable with stone setts, timber boardwalks and decks. These spaces are extracted from planted beds which, in turn, enclose and define. The retention of mature grey box trees creates structure and gravitas while the thoughtful use of a diverse palette of plants is clear evidence of an expert eye and hand.

This garden is an outstanding example of a landscape to be enjoyed over time – more botanic garden than private garden. The skill of the landscape architect in imagining how it will evolve and continue to nurture its inhabitants and visitors is clearly evident.

Photo: Dan Schultz

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