Salisbury City Centre Urban Design Framework

Category: Best Planning Ideas – Small Project
Entrant: City of Salisbury and WAX Design

The Salisbury City Centre contains a number of important civic and community services as well as being a vital connection hub for the wider community with a transport interchange.

The city centre has historically shown innovation in the shared use design of its main street, John Street, which with slow speed and wide footpaths creates places for people.

The UDF further builds upon this unique urban character by ensuring the centre reaches its full potential with integrated built form, public realm and transport development over the next 20 years.

  • The Salisbury City Centre Urban Design Framework (UDF) is a visionary guide to demonstrate the future development potential of the Salisbury City Centre over the next 20 years while meeting the community’s vision for the future.
  • The UDF builds upon the Salisbury City Centre Renewal Strategy by combining detailed site analysis with stakeholder and Council initiatives as well as best practice urban design principles. This was then used to inform and update the Salisbury City Centre Structure Plan.
  • The UDF and revised Structure Plan allow council, property owners and developers to identify potential opportunities for new partnerships which allow a coordinated approach.

It also provides guidance for future infrastructure investment, planning policies, economic development opportunities as well as feasibility studies, future activation.

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