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Closer Productions Begins F*CKING ADELAIDE for ABC

Closer Productions Begins F*CKING ADELAIDE for ABC

Production has officially begun on Closer Productions’ latest project, F*CKING ADELAIDE. The six-part comedy/drama series for the ABC iView platform begins shooting this week with a freshly announced cast.

The core cast will be made up of Pamela Rabe, most recently seen in Wentworth, Tilda Cobham-Hervey. of Barracuda, Hotel Mumbai and Closer’s critically lauded 52 Tuesdays and Girl Asleep fame, Kate Box, as seen in Rake and The Little Death, plus the singer/songwriter/actor Brendan Maclean who won audiences’ hearts in The Great Gatsby.

Director Sophie Hyde said in a release that working with the “stunning ensemble cast” on such a unqiue project was a “total delight”.

Brendan Maclean (left), Tilda Cobham-Hervey (middle) and Kate Box (right)

As its title suggests, F*CKING ADELAIDE will take an affectionate, self-deprecating view of Adelaide as it tells the story of three siblings returning home to find that their mother has sold their family home. Each of the six episodes will be 12 minutes long and tell this tale of family and identity from each character’s perspective.

“It’s refreshing to reclaim the jokes about Adelaide and laugh at ourselves while utilising all the things we relish about this city and speaking to the experience of family and home,” said Hyde.

South Australian Screen Awards
F*CKING ADELAIDE Director Sophie Hyde received wide acclaim for Closer’s 52 Tuesdays

The series is commissioned by both the ABC and Screen Australia as part of the Long Story Short initiative which saw 290 applicants enter and six emerge successful. F*CKING ADELAIDE also receives additional funding from the South Australian Film Corporation, and will be exclusively published on ABC iView in 2017.

“We are also thrilled to partnering with our investors to create work for ABC’s ever more exciting digital platform ABC iview, which gives us the opportunity to be playful with the episodic form and allows audiences to watch whenever they want,” Hyde said.

Hyde, who is also currently working on the film adaptation of hit novel Animals, is supported in her role as director by the tight-knit Closer Productions team of Producer Rebecca Summerton and writers Matthew Cormack and Matt Vesely.

Mike Cowap, Screen Australia’s Investment Manager said that the group was impressed by the story they proposed to fight through the Long Story Short competition, which was “about as fierce as any funding round ever gets”.

“The Closer team shone through with this moving, profound, and hilariously well-observed story about family and place, ably supported by their rich body of previous work,” Cowap said.

Header image: courtesy Closer Productions

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