Film Review: Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a sharply-played semi-coming-of-age drama with much familiarity, yet enough spiky humour to offset most of the clichés, and star Saoirse Ronan who …

7 black-panther-cinema-film-adelaide-review

Film Review: Black Panther

Black Panther gives the eponymous hero a whole epic to himself and the complicated story of his long-hidden homeland with some pseudo-Shakespearean power strugg…

5 15-17-paris-cinema-film-adelaide-review

Film Review: The 15:17 to Paris

The 15:17 to Paris is a pretty bland recreation of the facts leading up to the 2015 Thalys terrorist train attack, and it’s notable for featuring lots of non-ac…


Film Review: Happy End

Happy End, the latest ironically-titled offering from Austrian writer/director Michael Haneke comes five years after his Amour, and proves less a terribly movin…

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Film Review: Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves is apparently a labour-of-love that was in development for 14 years, yet the finished product is just as rife with clichés and full of violently …

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Film Review: Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is the latest much-discussed and visually sumptuous epic from writer, director, co-producer and uncredited director of photography Paul Thomas An…

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Film Review: Sweet Country

Sweet Country is a sometimes scorchingly powerful drama featuring fine work from a sweaty cast, astonishing Alice Springs locations and a palpable sense of quie…

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Film Review: I, Tonya

With excellent work from Margot Robbie and the ensemble cast, I, Tonya skates a line between drama, comedy and bio-pic, frequently breaking the fourth-wall and …

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Film Review: The Shape of Water

With excellent leading performances, a modern twist on some classic cinema and a beautifully realized 1950s setting, The Shape of Water might just take your bre…