Film Review: Foxtrot

Foxtrot is an ambitious and emotional drama which may appear to be about war and its terrible consequences but proves instead to be more about the characters an…


Film Review: Brothers’ Nest

Although this black comedy from the Jacobsen brothers Shane (co-star, executive producer) and Clayton (director, co-star, co-producer, co-editor) is grimly enjo…

Film Review: Disobedience

After his Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman, Chilean co-writer/director Sebastián Lelio’s filming of Naomi Alderman’s novel Disobedience is another study of compl…

Film Review: Upgrade

Upgrade is a dark science fiction/‘body horror’ drama, complete with moments of violence and gore that prove awfully funny.…


Film Review: Incredibles 2

It’s been 14 years since The Incredibles, and writer/director/voicer Brad Bird has brought back the superheroic Parr family for a follow-up that’s just as witty…


Film Review: Hereditary

Hereditary is a sometimes exceedingly uncomfortable horror-drama with stars unfamiliar within the genre, a doomy sense of mostly-sustained menace and a series o…

7 tea-dames-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Tea with the Dames

Tea with the Dames chronicles a “gossip meeting” between four English acting legends, and comes from prolific director Roger Michell, but those Dames and their …


Film Review: Gauguin

Gauguin tries hard to make Paul Gauguin appear as more than a bit of a creep, but this study of his time in Tahiti ignores too much of the ugly truth to be take…

5 lbj-lyndon-b-johnson-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: LBJ

This biopic based upon a chunk of the life of America’s 36th President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, is an odd, stilted affair with a curiously distanced feel.…


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