Adelaide Writers’ Week Program 2014

For 2014, the Adelaide Festival’s Adelaide Writers’ Week program has absolutely out-done itself, bringing authorial stars unlike any year previous.

Every year, Adelaideans look forward to a week of literary delights—children’s events, author talks and book signings—to satisfy all of our readerly urges. For 2014, the Adelaide Festival’s Adelaide Writers’ Week program has absolutely out-done itself, bringing authorial stars unlike any year previous. Eighty-seven authors make up the immense line-up, with their talents to be showcased at the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Gardens from Saturday, March 1, to Thursday, March 6. Many Adelaide Writers’ Week authors featured in our Summer Reading guide; the Writers’ Week Director Laura Kroetsch also listed her picks. The souvenir program is available now for $10 through bookshops, and as the majority of events are free, we would highly encourage you to purchase the guide – think of it as a ticket. Adelaide Writers’ Week schedule: Saturday, March 1 West Stage: 9.30am – Dark Hearts: Patrick Holland & Chris Womersley 10.45am – True Romance: Victoria Purman and Fiona McIntosh 12pm – Kingdom of Strangers: Zoe Ferraris 1.15pm – Read To Me: Mem Fox & Andy Griffiths 2.30pm – Poop – Past, Present and Future: David Waltner-Toews 3.45pm – 2014 Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature (see the award winners here) 5pm – Local Heroes: David Day East Stage: 9.30am – The Pure Gold Baby: Margaret Drabble 10.45am – Earth Hour: David Malouf 12pm – The Hill of Wool: Jenny Bornholdt 1.15pm – The Critical Distance: Tony Birch, Jennifer Mills & Jeff Sparrow 2.30pm – The Luminaries: Eleanor Catton 3.45pm – True Grit: David Vann & D W Wilson 5pm – The Signature of All Things: Elizabeth Gilbert Sunday, March 2 West Stage: 9.30am – Randolph Stow: Gabrielle Carey 10.45am – The Golden Bird: Robert Adamson 12pm – Crime and Cowboys: Lenny Bartulin & Zoe Ferraris 1.15pm – Imagining Worlds: Catherine Jinks & Elizabeth Knox 2.30pm – The Storyteller: Rabih Alameddine 3.45pm – First Nations Australian Writers Network 5pm – Madness: Kate Richards & Jon Jureidini East Stage: 9.30am – The Balkans: Sean McMeekin 10.45am – Making Modern China: Jung Chang 12pm – The Novelists: Margaret Drabble & Helen Dunmore 1.15pm – On Writing – Love and War: Richard Flanagan 2.30pm – Harley Loco: Rayya Elias 3.45pm – Griffith Review: Pacific Highways 5pm – Ballistics: D W Wilson Monday, March 3 West Stage: 9.30am – Cold Light: Frank Moorhouse 10.45am – Apple Tree Yard: Louise Doughty 12pm – The Past Isn’t Past: Richard Flanagan & Tom Keneally 1.15pm – In Translation: Bernardo Atxaga & Jordi Punti 2.30pm – Betrayal: Adriaan van Dis 3.45pm – Piano Lessons: Anna Goldsworthy 5pm – Poetry Reading East Stage: 9.30am – Helium: Jaspreet Singh 10.45am – A History of Silence: Lloyd Jones 12pm – Epic Journeys: Elizabeth Gilbert & Hannah Kent 1.15pm – Dedication: Alexis Wright 2.30pm – Cairo: Chris Womersley 3.45pm – Who Am I?: Rabih Alameddine & Alison Bechdel 5pm – Burial Rites: Hannah Kent Tuesday, March 4 West Stage: 9.30am – A World of Other People: Steven Carroll 10.45am – The Following: Roger McDonald 12pm – Radiance: Louis Nowra 1.15pm – Obabakoak: Bernardo Atxaga 2.30pm – For God and Country: Amy Espeseth & Kathryn Heyman 3.45pm – How Story Finds a Form: Lisa Jacobson, Gregory O’Brien & Mark Tredinnick 5pm – The Poet’s Wife: Mandy Sayer East Stage: 9.30am –Lost Fathers: Jordi Punti & D W Wilson 10.45am – Trust: Louise Doughty & Fiona McFarlane 12pm – The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith 1.15pm – Unapologetic: Francis Spufford 2.30pm – Narcopolis: Jeet Thayil 3.45pm – The Flamethrowers: Rachel Kushner 5pm – Goat Mountain: David Vann Wednesday, March 5 West Stage: 9.30am – Love and Poetry: Mark Tredinnick 10.45am – WWI: Stephen Daisley, Helen Dunmore & Geoff Page 12pm – On Travel: Michelle de Kretser & Jaspreet Singh 1.15pm – Mortal Fire: Elizabeth Knox 2.30pm – Jade Ladder: Yang Lian 3.45pm – My Beautiful Enemy: Cory Taylor 5pm – Damned If I Do: Philip Nitschke East Stage: 9.30am – Uses and Abuses of History: Margaret MacMillan 10.45am – Eureka: Clare Wright 12pm – The Great Debate: Marcus Chown & Francis Spufford 1.15pm – Telling Stories: Rachel Kushner & Fiona McFarlane 2.30pm – The Consequences of History: Henry Reynolds & Adriaan van Dis 3.45pm – Barracuda: Christos Tsiolkas 5pm – The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith Thursday, March 6 West Stage: 9.30am – The Lie: Helen Dunmore 10.45am – Love in War Time: Steven Carroll & Cory Taylor 12pm – His Own Steam: Gregory O’Brien 1.15pm – The Colony: Kristyn Harman & Henry Reynolds 2.30pm – Improving the News: Geoff Page 3.45pm – Subcultures: Jeet Thayil & Christos Tsiolkas 5pm – The Great War: Paul Ham East Stage: 9.30am – Gotland: Fiona Capp 10.45am – Questions of Travel: Michelle de Kretser 12pm – Role Models: John Waters 1.15pm – Faith Based: Diarmaid MacCulloch & Francis Spufford 2.30pm – Reading in the Marketplace 3.45pm – The Reef: Iain McCalman 5pm – Yuendumu Doors: Philip Jones  

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