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Adelaide Film Festival: Publisher's Picks

Adelaide Film Festival: Publisher's Picks

Opinion Media Publishing Director Amanda Pepe picks some of her personal highlights from the Adelaide Film Festival program.

Being asked to select favourites – especially from a program this jam-packed with premieres, documentaries, special interest and international films – makes me hyperventilate. But that is what the good folks at the Adelaide Film Festival have asked me to do so here goes….

Putin’s Witnesses

I’m sure that I’m not alone in being both transfixed and a little horrified by what has been unfolding in Russia since Vladimir Putin took the reins of power. Recent developments involving alleged tampering with foreign elections have added to the sense that we don’t really know what we are dealing with. This observational documentary offers deep background and an alarming picture of just how closely his rule mimics an oligarchy.

Screening at GU Film House on Monday, October 15 and Friday, October 19 

At Eternity’s Gate

Vincent Van Gogh is irresistible material for me. Since first encountering his tragic story in primary school, his life and art have held a fascination that was only enhanced by a visit to Arles as a young woman where I saw the places that inspired him to create many of his most well-known works such as Sunflowers. And Willem Dafoe is worth seeing in anything…

Screening at GU Film House on Wednesday, October 17 and Saturday, October 20


The Man Who Stole Banksy

The mysterious life and work of Banksy is pure gold for Italian filmmakers Marco Proserpio and Filippo Perfido. The Adelaide Review is the Presenting Partner for this fascinating film, which follows the journey of a work cut from the controversial West Bank Barrier and hocked around the globe. Narration by the evergreen Iggy Pop is icing on the cake.

Screening at GU Film House on Wednesday, October 17

Happy Sad Man

A film that focuses on mental health – a topic that most of us are still uncomfortable discussing despite the best efforts of many not-for-profit organisations – can only be a good thing. These stories are drawn from men across all sections of Australian society, and are told with sensitivity and humour that presents an enormous step towards greater understanding and acceptance.

Screening at GU Film House on Thursday, October 18 and Sunday, October 21

Maria by Callas

I adore the voice and story of the great Maria Callas. An opera tragic since my teens, the chance to hear about this diva in her own words and see a more private side of her in this film is on opportunity too good to miss. With superstar status, marriage dramas and THAT voice, this film cannot fail to satisfy.

Screening at GU Film House on Wednesday, October 17 and Sunday, October 21

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