Palace Nova Cinema to Merge into One Premises

Palace Nova Cinemas will merge their two premises in the East End, with the Nova Building on Rundle Street ceasing operations as of November 10 2016.

Gone will be the days of ticketing confusion between two cinema premises, as audiences scrutinised cinema timetables to figure out which side of the street their film was playing on, and late-comer audiences hedged their bets on whether to dash into the Rundle Street Building or make their way down Cinema Place to buy tickets.

The Palace Nova Eastend operation will expand from 10 screens to 12 in the move, as the Nova Building closure will lose three screens, but the Cinema Place premises will add five. Works have already commenced on the new additions to Cinema Place.

The Cinema Place premises during Adelaide Film Festival

The news comes as Palace Nova continues construction on their next flagship venue, Palace Nova Prospect, continues construction, and cinemas re-establish themselves across the city after a period of post-internet industry contraction. The decade-dormant Hindley Street Cinemas were also re-opened this year as GU Film House Adelaide.

The Eastend’s cinema regime has long been one of intermittent changes. Before Palace Cinemas and Nova Cinemas merged around the turn of the century, the two companies operated separate cinemas across the premises, along with the now-defunct Imax venture. In 2009, the Imax cinema was absorbed into Palace Nova Eastend’s operation as the flagship Eximax screen.

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