Vitalstatistix’s I’m Your Man

The boxing ring and live theatre aren’t the most usual of combinations.

For I’m Your Man, writer and director Roslyn Oades followed a young boxer from Sydney’s suburbs in the 18 months leading up to a world-title fight. This contemporary production tells the story of the people she met along the way – those who fought to make it, are fighting to making it or will never make it in the world of boxing. Aptly dubbed documentary theatre, the production incorporates elements not ordinarily seen in such productions. Oades uses the headphone-verbatim technique which involves recordings of those she spoke to while researching being fed in real time via headphones to the actors. Using this hyper-natural technique means the actors recite their lines verbatim with exact speech characteristics remaining. Sometimes also creating an interesting clash between the actor and their words and prompting the audience to question what is happening before them. Journey through the dressing rooms, ringsides and gyms in this high energy and tense account of those involved in the realm of boxing. Having debuted at the 2012 Sydney Festival, the production was nominated for two Sydney Theatre Awards in 2012 and will tour nationally. I’m Your Man Vitalstatistix Waterside, 11 Nile Street, Port Adelaide Wednesday, 7 August to Sunday, 11 August

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