DEPARTURE: High Seas at the Art Gallery of South Australia

DEPARTURE: High Seas (6-10pm Friday, September 26), follows the nautical work of SA artist Nicholas Folland.

The Art Gallery of South Australia began the DEPARTURE series to get audiences into the gallery to experience art in a different, immersive experience. This session, DEPARTURE: High Seas (6-10pm Friday, September 26), follows the work of SA artist Nicholas Folland, whose art graced the cover of this year’s SALA program. The extreme climate of Nicholas Folland is an exhibition that explores nautical themes of history, migration and colonial exploration. An artist talk, led by exhibition curator Lisa Slade, will take place in the upstairs Galleries at 7pm. Before that, though, wrap your ears around the bountiful harmonies of Choral Grief. From 6.30pm, they will be indulging crowds with sea shanty fantasies and other oceanic tunes. At every DEPARTURE, Bank SA hosts a studio space where you can get your hands dirty and make an art – and there’s a cash prize on offer for the stand-out creation. The High Seas art challenge is to build a ‘glacial sculpture’. To shame your creations into insignificance, a professional will be making an impressive ice sculpture live in the Santos Atrium. If you’re too daunted by the ice magic going on, there will be games of coits happening in the courtyard. Tickets to DEPARTURE: High Seas are available here until Friday or sold out. The price ($45 for AGSA members, $60 for everyone else) includes four complementary beverages.

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