Spaces available at The Mill Adelaide

Arts collective The Mill Adelaide is seeking new friends to fill three creative office spaces.

Look how happy these chums are: Wouldn’t you like to join them? Artistic collective The Mill (154 Angas St, Adelaide) has some office spaces that have opened up and are waiting to be filled with creative hearts and minds. It’s a private space within the studios, to which you would have 24-hour access. The doors and windows lock; there’s internet access (and kitchen access). Being The Mill, there’s also gallery and soft space for your enjoyment. The Mill doesn’t arrange office-sharing or hot-desking, but Office 8 (details below) could be organised that way if you had some interested space-sharing creatives in mind. Aside from the physical space, the offices mean you’ll be right next door to some of Adelaide’s brightest arts minds. A handful of residents already at The Mill: Erin Fowler (dance), The Analogue Laboratory (photography), Fascination Street(architecture), Peter Fong (illustration), Che Chorley (photography) and Naomi Murrell (jewellery and fashion design). Kindling Coffee has also moved in, so there are delightful pastries to munch and top-notch coffee to quaff.


OFFICE 3: 5.17 x 3.15, $150 + GST per week. Features: windows, bright contained office, blackboard wall. Previously hosted: creative make-up office, graphic design suite, used for jewellery production. OFFICE 6: 5.16 x 3.32. $180 + GST per week. Features: large office with whited out wall for small product shots. Previously hosted: fashion, photography and design groups. OFFICE 8: 2.25 x 3.32. $110 + GST per week. Features: bright office, ideal for hot-desking/sharing. Previously hosted: film editing suite and producer’s office. To find out more about the spaces, email [email protected] or visit for images. To make a time to see the offices send an email or call 0421 154 239.

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